About Terry Febrey

Terry Febrey has been motivated and ambitious ever since she was a child.
Her parents believed that hard work and self-reliance were fundamental life standards, instilling in her the confidence and determination to pave her own path at an early age. This strong “Do-it-Yourself” mentality helped Terry develop a variety of skills that she would later be able to apply to her hobbies, career, and personal development.

As a young girl, Terry Febrey was encouraged to learn the same skills as her brothers.
She not only learned to do laundry, cook, and clean, but she also helped fix the broken family car, painted fading tiles, and hung metal fixtures. Her parents were homemakers, gradually adding and altering parts of the family house over the years. The combination of automobile and home maintenance taught Terry the nuances to remodeling an old home or car. This turned into a special hobby that Terry continues to develop today.

Terry’s first car was a white 1968 Camaro convertible. The car was dated and barely functional, but instead of deterring her, this only motivated Terry to work hard at maintaining it, learning its ins and outs. She found something inspirational about old cars; each had a unique story to tell and experience lived. Terry has exposure with all levels of vehicle maintenance ranging from engine repair to brake changing. Although it took almost a year, Terry did find another 1968 white Camaro convertible to restore. She plans to continue collecting vintage cars, restoring them, and putting them back on the market. She currently has her eyes set on a 1957 Ford Fairlane convertible to restore.

Along the same vein, Terry begin remodeling and selling houses in 1998. The very first home she repaired was a beautiful 1926 colonial. The home had the rare one-inch hardwoods, a fireplace with a mantle that stretched the entire width of the room, and a great front porch. She spent 2 years restoring it but she loved the way it came out so she stayed in it for 9 years instead of flipping it. Terry has always had an interested in architecture, admiring beautifully designed homes, particularly from the 1920-1940’s. Terry is currently restoring a 1923 California style Craftsman bungalow. This is a real Craftsman; a Sears kit home from the 1920’s.  She hope to make flipping houses a career instead of a hobby.

These experiences have allowed Terry to become a Jack-of-All-Trades, harvesting a number of skills highly applicable to her role as a high school administrator. She has been an indispensable contributor to many school programs pertaining to improving instruction, improving student retention and graduation rates, and improving the climate and culture of schools. Moreover,  she laid the foundation for the Freshman Seminar and Transition program, providing academic and counseling support for incoming high school students. These initiatives require dedication and unyielding commitment. Terry is always looking for ways to improve schools just as she enjoys restoring cars or remodeling homes.