How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Space

small apartment terry febrey

Being faced with the task of designing and organizing the interior of a home or even one room of a house can be daunting. What’s more challenging is if that space is limited spatially. There are certain rules one should adhere to when making a plan for a room, and with a smaller space, these guidelines become more specific and crucial for a successful turnout.

Here are the basic guidelines for ANY small space:

  • A tiny room does not have to equal tiny furniture and tiny items. Sometimes a space with one larger piece of furniture feels more comfortable than a small space with a few small items.
  • Get rid of junk and plan organizing accordingly. Get rid of the stuff you really done need and THEN take inventory of what needs to be organized. You’re better off planning your organization and storage around what you have rather than the other way around.
  • Utilize glass and mirrors strategically. Reflect and maximize light with glass and mirrors in small spaces. You can easily do this by placing mirrors in corners and other locations around the room and by opting for glass items like coffee tables and frames to add surfaces that are reflective.
  • Make sure windows aren’t covered at all. When you have curtains, you ensure that the entire window pane can be exposed providing the most light possible. Consider hanging curtains from the ceiling as opposed to the top of the window frame – this adds drama and height without blocking any light.
  • Always be working upwards. Since a smaller space is lacking is area, work you way up when thinking storage and decoration. Hanging art higher draws the eyes up and gives the illusion of taller ceilings. Smart use of shelving and storage that grows taller instead of wider is ideal in a small space.